Welcome to Mould Assassins

The Mould Assassins provide mould removal services in the tropical Far North Queensland region. Both being Cairns locals Ian & Col know a thing or two about mould & it’s associated health risks.

Moulds like warm & moist organic environments to feed on, which is why the tropical environment of Far North Queensland is a mould paradise. Only the smallest moisture build up is required to trigger a mould growth. Once mould takes hold it doesn’t matter how many times you clean it, the re-growth will continue. There are many methods that you can use to attempt mould removal but in this damp tropical environment these techniques will only be partially effective.

The products that the Mould Assassins use go a step beyond the others, not only removing mould but killing spores to prevent re-growth. The Mould Assassins don’t just remove mould, they assassinate it!

Please take a moment to look through some of our past mould removal jobs. After looking through the gallery I am sure that you will agree… our work speaks for itself: