As we move forward into the future, we are increasingly aware that we must take action now and reduce our energy consumption.  Energy efficiency is a key factor in becoming more sustainable and this is why we focus on ways to reduce energy consumption and ultimately save on energy costs.
Mould Assassins understand that we must all work together in achieving a sustainable environment and that often reduction targets are established and are difficult to meet with common energy efficiency changes such as lighting.
Two of the largest energy consuming products are refrigeration and air conditioning. Real dollar savings can be achieved by the efficient running of well-maintained equipment. Our unique coating, once applied, is able to prolong the life of your equipment, increase efficiency and ultimately reflect in savings on your energy costs.
We believe in working together to create a sustainable environment for the future.


Our Energy Reduction Initiatives Program has trained technicians specifically for application of our cleaning and coating system, ensuring that best practices are met.  Our program is designed to enhance existing maintenance programs, by demonstrating simple techniques to ensure that you are employing best practices and to ultimately save energy.  Energy savings, of course, translates to dollar savings and a cleaner working environment.


Our product, Ecoactive CRC is thoroughly tested and is biodegradable, non-corrosive and completely safe to use in food storage areas.

According to the EPA, a build-up of 0.042 inches of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a decrease in efficiency of 21%

o Increased Energy Savings of 10% or more
o Reduced Cleaning/Maintenance Costs
o Prevents Coil Corrosion
o No Heat transference
o Increased air flow
o Increased cooling capacity
o 100% bio-degradable
o Removes mould and inhibits mould growth