INSPECT – Mould Inspection, Building Forensics

Moisture can stem from a variety of sources:
•Pipe leak/break
•High humidity (environmental or mechanical)
•Roof leak
•Construction related defects
•Irrigation overspray
•Maintenance practices
•Site attributes (negative sloped grade)
Remember that mould can grow on virtually any surface where moisture is available. Visual identification of water intrusion issues, potential contaminated areas and IAQ indicators that could affect the health of occupants. We identify signs of moisture that will result into poor indoor air quality.
Mould Assassins utilizes a systematic approach to detect indoor environmental problems stemming from moisture related defects. Our team will develop and submit a scope of remediation to safely restore the indoor environment.

CORRECT – Water Damage, Decontamination, Mould Remediation

The most critical concept in dealing with a water intrusion event is to eliminate the source and dry up the moisture.  Mould Assassins takes it one step further by combining our proprietary bacteria and mould inhibitor into the dry down process to ensure that the moisture intrusion will not result in a mould problem.
Deodorization – Mould Assassins do not mask odours, we neutralize them completely. The fresh scent of clean air is all that remains.
Remember that until the source of the water intrusion is identified and treated, your problem will never be solved.

PROTECT – Microbial Protection, Preventative Maintenance

Mould Assassin’s surface treatment utilizes a new generation of polymers, for superior bonding, blended with proven technology that effectively prevents microbial contamination on treated surfaces. Microbes, including moulds, are killed on contact by a mechanism of physical disruption. As this process is physical and not chemical, the microbiocidal properties of treated surfaces cannot be washed off and are retained over time. Mould cannot grow even if moisture is present.
These new polymers are non-toxic, non-leaching, non-migrating and are environmentally safe.  Our service team applies our anti-microbial by using the latest in electrostatic technology. The electrostatic sprayer achieves up to 10 times better coverage than conventional sprayers, and ensures thorough application by wrapping around objects, covering complex shapes, and penetrating into cracks and corners.
• Structural Protection
• Interior Protection